Co-Leaders Board

Current Co Leads:- Will, Reaper, Aclov69, Deez Nuts, 7amoud Sti, Merciless02, Joel, Adel. Gar, Love Boparai, Arcanine, XLNC, Markiepups, Angry Michael. Jacob.

(Above copied to home page as well).

Promotions - Submit name and vote, A co can nominate a promotion and other co's and leader vote. NO CO IS TO BE GRANTED BY A SINGLE CO, there must be a vote.

Clan To Do List

* I have been reading where clans have war clans and a farm clan. So depending on what you are updating you drift between the two. Essentially, this is what we tried to set up - just with a different twist.

I know there is trepidation due to the lack of success with it, but I wonder with the clarification of farm vs. war if we would have more luck.


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