Clan Rules

  1. This is a multinational Clan and we aim to help and improve all our Clan members, no matter what level they are at, and learn from experiences that have been gained.

Most important of all, remember it's a game so have fun!

However we have a couple of rules that aim to keep the clan running smoothly:

  • Donate ONLY what is asked. (If there is no room left, donate archers)

  • Donation minimum is Level 3 base troops for non war. If your troops are below this there is no expectation for you to donate.

  • Donate Archers or Wizards if your clan mate did not specify. Do NOT donate barbarians or goblins.

  • Donate before requesting. Hoppers frequently join new clans, request troops and leave. Please convince us that you are not one of them.

  • We are an invite only clan, if you do invite please say who it is so others are aware specifically if you know them personally.

  • We are also a war clan, new joiners of town hall's 9 to 11 are expected to war within 7 days of joining our clan otherwise you will be ejected. NEW JOINERS PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING.

  • Do NOT request specific troops that you cannot create. eg. If you are town hall 9 and below you should not request "BOWLER" but you CAN request for example "Archers, Wizards or BOWLERS "or " BOWLERS, Archers or Wizards". This also allows lower town halls to donate troops to you as well.

  • Do NOT leech. If you have received way more than you have donated, you will receive one warning. If the donations do not improve, you will be demoted or kicked out.

  • No swearing please, we hope that this will attract maturity, regardless of age.

  • We encourage you to use your Clan Castle every attack, and keep your donations up.

  • Don't donate too much more than you have requested. Requesting troops gives other clan members a chance to donate. The ideal ratio is to donate 10 to 20% more than you receive.

  • Promotions :-

  • Elder is earned on a case by case basis. Elders are respected members that have proven they can help within the clan.

  • The MINIMUM requirement is donating at least 500 in each of 2 consecutive league seasons.

  • Experience level, activity, donations, troop quality are taken into consideration. The most important aspect though is how well a member can advise, assist and recruit newer members. Identifying members that aren't doing the right thing and notifying elders is also an important skill that a candidate must possess.

  • Do not ask for Elder unless you are certain that you have met the minimum requirement. You must also feel that you have made and can continue to make a valuable contribution to running the clan. Members that ask for elder will be asked politely to read this webpage. If they ask again or argue, notify the leader and they will be kicked out. ( However on a positive note you may be able to short cut your way to Elder if you can convince Monk you like Alpaca’s as he does adore them).

  • Leader and Co-leader’s are respected positions. Co-leader will only be given to Elders that have proven themselves over many months with assisting lower levels to grow and respecting all clan rules, they will be nominated and voted on by current co's and leader. A single co must not promote anyone to co without a group vote.

  • What is expected from a Co -

    1. Donates and keeps ratios close

    2. Is active in clan chat (scroll)

    3. Partake in Leader/Co discussions in current communication medium (Discord)

    4. Be very active in Clan Games and encourage others

    5. Enforces Clan Rules, specially War Rules

    6. Wars more often than not, knows how and why to go Red when unavailable

    7. Assists with filling Clan War Castles when participating

    8. Always uses both attacks

    9. Provides advice and guidance to others, especially during Wars

    10. Recruits and takes new recruits under their wing to train up and explain how the Clan operates

  • RECRUITMENT. We have a minimum level of hero's, from July 2017, that we require for new joiners recruited, due to impacts on clan wars that we have noticed. The minimum level for th9 is 15, for th10 is 25 and for th11 is 35.

Clan Wars:

  • A successful Clan War base design requires the Town Hall (TH) and the Clan Castle (CC) to be positioned in the center of the base, along with any heroes (Barbarian King or Archer Queen) update 2020 this now mainly applies to lower town halls.

  • Building the Clan Castle outside, or near the outside of the walls allows the enemy to use a small number of troops to lure the defense troops out of the castle. Once they are out in the open, they are easily targeted and killed. The same goes for Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

  • CC and heroes can still be lured out from the center of a base but it is much more difficult and has a much higher cost for the enemy.

  • Donating into the War Clan Castle will be done by the higher members of the clan using max level troops, do not donate unless requested by a co or leader.

  • Healers, Golems and PEKKA are NOT good defense troops. Do NOT donate them into War Clan Castles.

  • Attacking in WAR, use strongest troops possible. As an example we would recommend that goblins are not used.

  • Ensure your HERO’s are not upgrading and are ready to use, if not opt out of wars. ( Turn shield red).

  • War Castles and Clan Castles are to be filled with MAX strength troops, nothing less.

  • WE HAVE A WAR CHIEF who produces an attack plan that all must adhere too which will be mailed for all to read during first hour or so of preparation time.

  • The plan consists of who is to attack which base on their first attack. Once an attack has been completed by the named individual on their named target any second attacks are allowed on it to improve on that base if needed.

  • Some clan members will be allocated as “clean up crew” who are to clean up targets that still have stars to be taken; these attacks usually take place later on in the war.

  • If in any doubt about clan war strategy or target allocated please ask a Co.

  • This is a collaborative clan. And you can expect to be asked about attack plans and base layout. Remove ego from the situation, we are dedicated within this clan to make each other better.

  • ALL FIRST ATTACKS must be taken within the first 8 hours of the war, after that period all bases are open to be attacked. Except CWL, only bases that are open are failed attacks if you cant star your own target,

  • 2nd attack should be plus or minus 5 from your position on the war map, unless otherwise agreed with a co, leader, or war chief.

  • BOTH ATTACKS must be used during the war, even if the second attack is just for the experience of taking on a higher target.

  • Always attack with cc full of troops, never without them.

  • We require good war preparation, planning and execution of attack.


  • Long term opting out of wars may result in you being kicked in order to make room for more active members, so please be aware.


  • Lure out the CC and heroes - drop a single Barbarian or Archer, tougher bases a Giant or Hog, just outside the walls, near an open area and within range of the hero or CC. Once the enemy is out in the open, drop a poison spell and/or surround them with at least 10 archers. Don't drop them all in the one spot because wizards in the CC will kill them all with splash damage. This is a good strategy for most attacks but it MUST be done in every war battle because the CC is always full.